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Emory Ware

Business owners often start their business with a vision of what their business will allow them to achieve in their lives, but then the day-to-day realities of running their business take over and they lose track of how their business should be aligned to achieve this vision of success.

If you are a business owner, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your business work for you or do you work for your business?
  • Is your business a performing asset or do you just have a job?
  • How are you at balancing your business and personal lives?
  • Do you need help seeing the opportunities available to you?
  • Do you feel like you’re fighting fires all alone?
  • Where do you turn to for the truth about your business?
  • Are you ready to take your business to an entirely new level?

I am the owner of The Business Partner Alliance, I help forward-thinking business owners increase their sales and profitability, strategically lead their businesses more effectively and give them support so they are no longer alone in running their businesses.


The StratPro strategic business transformation process is not theory – it is a proven process developed from 30 years of experience working with more than 20,000 businesses throughout the world.

Starting with an assessment of where you are now, the proprietary and proven business analysis and planning tools help you develop the metrics to measure progress and implement the accountability to ensure completion of your goals – a key step missing from other strategic planning programs.    

Businesses that participate in the Strategic Business Transformation program can expect:

  • To grow their business and earn greater profits
  • To achieve alignment throughout the entire organization so everyone is working towards a common vision and a common set of goals
  • More time, money and freedom for the owner to focus on the strategic direction of the business

If you would like to learn more about taking your business to the next level, Please connect with me by LinkedIn, phone 904-595-7112, or by email at emory@businesspartneralliance.com

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This helpful guide is created from decades of work in helping small business owners achieve their dreams. Don’t miss these key elements for business success that can be applied to ANY business.

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Business Coaching

Do you ever feel there is no one in your corner when it comes to managing your business? Emory has years of experience helping business owners just like you navigate the complexities of their lives and how business fits in. Reach out today to learn more. Contact Us

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards bring business owners and leaders from non-competing industries in Jacksonville together in a group setting – similar to a board of directors. We help each other work on challenges and opportunities we face in each of our companies. No theories—just practical, real-world, tried and tested solutions and invaluable hands-on experience. Read More

Business Valuation

Knowing what an outside party would be willing to pay for a business is no easy task. Business owners typically find it difficult to gauge their business value. Whether you’ve recently reached a new business plateau or you are planning for retirement it’s important to understand what your business is worth. Contact Us

Business Planning

In order to accomplish your business and life goals you will need a plan. Whether you need a proforma, business plan or a way out of debt, we can help you. If you need a detailed plan for capital procurement or simple peace of mind in knowing what do to next, we would love to discuss your needs in greater detail. Contact Us

Business Buy/Sell

Preparing a business to buy another business or to be sold are two totally different things. There are many important steps to take, and they can take up to 24 months, that will maximize the value of your business or make it attractive to financiers to fund your acquisition. If you’re preparing to buy or sell contact Emory to learn more. Contact Us

Capital Acquisition

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘It takes money to make money.’ Many times business owners have big dreams about where to take their vision next but are short on the capital to make it happen. Let Emory’s extensive network go to work for you to find the funding for your next big idea. Contact Us

I regularly meet with distinguished business owners in the metro area. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help one another.

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Business Partners Alliance

I regularly meet with distinguished business owners in the metro area. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help one another. It’s my passion to put my experience to work to help business people achieve their goals. Let’s meet for coffee to see how we can network together.



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