High morale among employees is crucial to the success of any business. Employees who feel like they’re making a positive contribution and receive recognition for it have a good attitude that can quickly spread to the rest of the team. Unfortunately, the same is true for those with bad attitudes who rarely do anything but complain, avoid work, and bring others down.

You can’t expect overnight change with an issue as huge as employee morale. It takes digging in and talking to people about their experience and then working with them to make much-needed positive changes. Not everyone will appreciate these changes, especially those who are who lose their jobs due to poor performance or must face new accountability measures. That is not your problem. Your role as a business owner is to provide a safe, respectful, and growth-oriented working environment for everyone.

Tips to Improve Employee Morale

Employees thrive when they share the vision of the company and have opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way. High morale also tends to occur when employees like their immediate supervisor and feel that he or she listens and provides valuable feedback. If you feel like employee morale isn’t where you would like it to be for your small business, we recommended gradually implementing several of these initiatives:

  • Set the example of treating everyone with respect and insist that others do the same, no matter what their position.
  • Recognize employees publicly when they exceed your expectations.
  • Ensure that every employee receives regular feedback and coaching from their manager.
  • Offer the best salary and benefit package you can afford to attract high-quality workers who will remain loyal because they know they’re unlikely to find a better deal.
  • Don’t allow department managers to get away with favoring some employees over others.
  • Upper management should communicate often and with transparency to the rest of the organization.
  • Provide opportunities to advance and ensure that managers help each employee develop a career path.

Although it will take time and resources to make these changes, the benefits of high employee morale are always an excellent return on investment.

Benefits of High Morale Among Employees

People who feel like their contribution matters are naturally more productive. You don’t have to put pressure on them to keep a certain pace or take responsibility for their own actions because they’re self-directed enough to do that on their own. Highly productive employees are usually the first ones targeted for promotion and receive better pay raises than employees who only put in the minimum effort.

Employees collaborate better with co-workers and clients when morale is high across the office. Because the culture of respect makes them feel valued, they’re more inclined to hear the input of others even when they disagree with it. People who feel supported don’t feel anxious about working as part of a team because they know management expects contributions from everyone and they won’t end up doing most of the work.

Frustrated, negative people who don’t feel engaged in their work call in sick much more often than those who feel positive about their job and employer. One of the most important things you can do to reduce attendance issues is to create a work environment that people don’t feel like they need to escape.

To discuss additional ways to improve morale at your company and the benefits of doing so, please contact Business Partner Alliance to request an initial consultation.