Is the Entrepreneurial Operating System® Right for Your Business?


The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) is a set of concepts and tools that help you achieve better control of your growing business. EOS® integrates simple business tools with a holistic business model approach to provide complete synchronization for all your business activities. 

The creators of this program state that it will help leadership teams improve in three crucial areas. These include becoming healthier as a business, gaining traction, and clarifying the vision.

Understanding the Three Primary Outcomes of EOS®

A company can only be healthy when its leadership is healthy and works well together. The tools in the EOS program enable leaders to become more cohesive and functional than they are at present. 

Traction®, a registered trademark of EOS, helps to improve accountability among leadership while also promoting discipline and focus. Clarifying your company vision and receiving buy-in from all levels of leadership is also a critical component of success.

The Six Key Components™ of the EOS Model®

In addition to the three outcomes described above, the EOS program promotes Six Key Components to help businesses achieve greater success. This includes Vision and Traction® as well as the following:

  • Vision: Crystallizing the vision and getting everyone 100% on the same page about where the agency is going, and how it is going to get there.
  • People: An organization is only as strong as its weakest link, which in this case is the people who work there. Success means hiring and developing talented and committed people at every level. It is impossible to achieve the company vision otherwise.
  • Data: Strong opinions and clashing personalities can get in the way of your small business using data to its advantage. When you take the time to revise the company’s vision and bring in the best people, it makes it easier to use data in a transparent manner.
  • Issues: The EOS tools make it easier for leadership within your business to recognize specific issues as they arise and tackle them on the spot. They also become more effective in ensuring that the same issues don’t keep cropping up repeatedly.
  • Process: This component refers to identifying and then documenting specific processes that outline how you operate your business. Everyone has the same goals when processes are uniform, which makes it much easier to scale your business.
  • Traction®: Without traction, vision is a hallucination. Traction is all about executing what is most important in the business.

The Typical EOS Process® to Grow Business

Twenty-four months is the average time it takes a small business to complete the EOS Process. This includes an average of five sessions completed over each of the two years. 

It starts with a 90-minute meeting followed by a day to focus on specific issues, Vision Building™ over two days, and Quarterly Pulsing™ on different issues such as accountability and team health.

A consultant from Business Partner Alliance is happy to sit down with you and explain EOS in more detail. We think you will agree that any small business could benefit from this program. Please contact us today to request an appointment.