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2021 is looking up! - The Alternative Board

Like many business owners and salespeople, you may wonder what sales in 2021 will look like. While it’s normal to consider the opportunities and challenges at the start of a new year, last year was like nothing anyone in business had ever experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news about 2021 is that so far it looks more promising than 2020 in terms of making sales. Your approach may differ, but the outcome should be the same as any other year or maybe even better. The first step in realizing your sales goals this year is to create new sales experiences to meet customers where they are today.

The Pandemic Has Changed the Way People Buy

Your company probably had an established sales process for years before coronavirus completely disrupted the way people shop and buy. Achieving sales success in the new normal means tailoring how you approach customers and make information available to them. If you haven’t already, we at Business Partner Alliance recommend that you embrace the concept of virtual selling. Although industry experts don’t expect face-to-face selling to go away, selling to customers virtually will make up a much larger percentage of transactions now and in the future.

One of the main advantages of virtual selling from a salesperson’s perspective is that it saves time and money on traveling to meet with the prospect in person. With travel subtracted from the equation, you have more time to connect with your prospect virtually. You each have the benefit of speaking to each other with fewer distractions than you would experience during an in-person meeting as well. As of early 2021, trends demonstrate that both salespeople and prospects are becoming increasingly comfortable with virtual selling.

Create a New Sales Strategy to Align with a Post-Pandemic World

Besides how sales teams complete deals, the reality of the past year is that most businesses must operate from a different budget and set of priorities than they did in 2019. With all the change that has taken place, now is the ideal time to reconsider your company’s sales strategy. Here are just a few questions to consider:

  • Do your sales strategy and sales organization currently align? If not, brainstorm what you need to do to make this happen.
  • Are your sales teams focusing on target markets or have they adopted a mindset of taking whatever they can get?
  • Is each member of your sales team doing his or her part to participate in strategic growth?

Be sure to seek feedback from sales managers and team members when creating a new sales strategy for 2021. Let them know that while their role might have changed, sales quotas and other expectations have not changed. They may just need to use different methods to achieve them.

Keep Staying in Touch

Experienced salespeople understand that prospects require nurturing, no matter how it occurs. Now is the time to get creative and use available technology to stay in touch throughout all stages of the sales funnel. For example, setting up regular videoconference appointments or Zoom sessions provides more time to address the prospect’s needs and objections. These methods can be more effective than email or trying to reach someone by phone. This is especially true when the prospect doesn’t have the availability to take unscheduled phone calls.

We Share Your Optimism

Business Partner Alliance loves to work with small business owners and is here to help you succeed. We expect great things in 2021. Please contact us to request a consultation today.